How do I report a coyote sighting?

Reports of coyote sighting in Garland are common. The information provided is intended to educate and assist in identifying and reporting problems with coyotes and other wildlife. Coyotes generally live in packs, but hunt individually. The coyote diet consists mainly of small mammals including rabbits, mice, squirrels, and insects. Although infrequent, coyotes have been known to prey on domesticated animals in suburban areas, such as Garland. Human injury from coyote attacks is extremely rare.

A random sighting of a coyote is not unusual and Animal Services need not be notified unless the animal creates a nuisance. Coyotes that have entered into neighborhoods (alleys and yards), or that have threatened or attacked domestic animals are considered a problem and Animal Services will respond. The Garland Animal Services Division has a trapping program intended to remove problem coyotes. Citizens wishing to report a problem coyote should contact Garland Animal Services at 972-205-3570. An Animal Services Officer will respond and determine what measures are necessary to remove the problem animal.

Since coyotes are considered a “high risk species” for possibly carrying rabies, citizens should take care to avoid human (or pet) contact with the species. Coyotes exhibiting unusual behavior such as aggressiveness towards humans should be reported immediately by calling 911. If you have any questions concerning coyotes or other problem wildlife, please contact Garland Animal Services at 972-205-3570, option 4 for assistance. View more information on coyotes.

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