Abatement Liens

Abatement liens are filed when a property owner fails to take care of his/her property according to the City of Garland Code of Ordinances. This includes failure to mow, trim, clean, remove debris, repair, and such other miscellaneous work required for compliance with the local code.

Correcting the Problems

If the requests in the Notice of Violation have not been completed by the due date, a contractor is hired by the City to correct the problems. Revenue Recovery mails an invoice (which includes the contractor’s fees and an administrative fee of at least $225) and takes over the file for collection.

If the invoice is not paid by the due date, an abatement lien is then filed in the Deed Records of Dallas County. Filing fees are included in the lien and interest accrues on the labor cost and administrative fee of the lien. Email to payoff inquiries.

Open Abatement Liens

View contact information on open abatement liens.